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Portals are sites that exist to provide you with lots of lists of links to many other good sites. Kind of like what we do.


Actionbits "Action Bits is a series of in-depth technology skills classes developed by a team of professionals — experienced teachers & veterans of the high-tech industry — committed to teaching kids the computer skills they will need to excel in school...and beyond!" Parts of this site require a login, which you may get upon request. Besides tech modules, Lynne's Library features many elementary through high school links to some very good math, language arts, science, health and other ed sites. Pretty cool.


Picture of Union Jack. BBC's Main School Site   British, huge, and very good!   Plenty of learning things for kids. Tons of activities broken down by age and subject. (For Americans: "Numeracy" = knowledge of math.)


Black Hawk Elementary's hotlist lists 88 elementary learning sites, mainly math and language arts related. There are good web pages here.


Charlotte Holter's portaportal is a very good portal with many links to various elementary/middle school subjects and activities! We could just sit and look at this site. Love that green background - which doesn't look so hot here but Really Works on her site! Excellent use of Javascript puts everything on one page. Just click on the arrows next to the subjects. Very eclectic, there are Vikings, nanotechnology, bridges, Romans, flight, rainforests, lighthouses, math, mammals, and marbles, to name some!


Curriki The Global Education & Learning Community. "At Curriki, the sole mission is to educate. By building a world class learning environment that is community developed and supported, and publishing it for free on the Web, Curriki works to ensure that anyone, from anywhere can participate. This is about No Child, Parent or Teacher Held Back. This is about delivering access to free, quality curricula so that kids can go as fast as they can." You truly owe it to yourself to investigate this site.


Discovery Education from the Discovery Channel. Featuring Puzzlemaker for printable crossword puzzles, clip art, Lesson Plan Library, Brain Boosters, Learning Adventures, Science Fair Central, lots more! You need to visit this site if you haven't already.


Discovery Kids  Home page for kid sites from the Discovery Channel.  Sites for preschool up to high school. Fun and games, too.


Maple Leaf flag eLibrary.SD71 Home Page from Comox Valley School District, British Columbia. Amazing, stupendous, just great web portal site! VERY well organized, EXCELLENT section on how to do research!


WOW!  Enchanted Learning  (The ZOOM sites people.) Amazing site! So much to see and do, so much to print off! You could probably run an elementary classroom and fulfill all state standards using this site's online lessons and its printable activities. Subscribers get tons of even more goodies to use. (Yes, we subscribe.)


Canadian Flag Getting Students Connected   Fine site from the Avon-Maitland School District Board of Seaforth, Ontario.  Huge hotlist of links arranged by grade, and we mean huge. Thanks to the Grandview Cougars.


Grain Valley School District of Grain Valley, Missouri. A gigantic collection of education links on this hotlist page, all subjects! Be sure to click on every block on the page. "The following pages were designed for our students, teachers, parents and community. There are countless interactive and engaging resources on each page. The links were selected to support and enhance the learning experiences of our outstanding student body."


Johnnie's Math Page Links to Interactive Math Tools and Activities for Students and Teachers from Kindergarten through Middle School. "I mentor elementary teachers in math teaching and learning and originally built this resource for them. It was popular so I've made it available to teachers and kids across the country. If you could let students and teachers know about this resource, it would be greatly appreciated." No problem!


Mrs. Mitchell's Virtual School  is a BIG collection of links to good and varied educational and activity sites arranged by subject and grade.  We've used several of her sections.  A superb collection of links to "good sites!" 


Kids Software "is a blog about free software, commercial software and websites for kids. The blog is maintained by Marianne Wartoft, who also runs the site Educational Freeware." This site is packed with links to wonderful places such as Starfall and other fabulous destinations.


(Marco Polo) is now ThinkFinity. Teachers: Here's an amazing portal with hundreds of links! "Internet content for the classroom." Teachers have done whole seminars with this amazing content-based site. Lesson plans, professional development, more.


Cool! Mrs. Wilkie's Websites "Click on one of the links to the left to access the web sites that you wish to use." Do it! This is a HUGE, HUMONGOUS collection of education sites, indexed by subject. A big vertical list sits on the left side of an otherwise nondescript page. Do not be fooled! This is one of the best! It's also a good introduction to wikis.


National Geographic Kids This is Nat Geo Kids site map page. It lists all their goodies for kids: Animals, Games, Stories, Activities, People & Places, Photos, and even Videos! A ton of resources!


Nassau Library Kids Section (Nassau, Long Island, NY) Tons of information. They have very many links, just click on a section and look.


Spinning Gold Star PBS Kids Fantastic sites! From the home page you can go to the home site of every PBS kid show from Arthur to Zoom! The sites are also cross-indexed by category: Games, Stories, Coloring, and Music. The GO! link goes to even more PBS educational games. More PBS Kids is a matrix of all these sites and more! Click the pic of the site you want to go to! One great show site is Between the Lions which covers reading and language arts!


Paleontology Portal A joint effort of several museums and professional paleo organizations, this GREAT portal lets you explore the world through geological eras; every kind of fossil imaginable through every era of time; shows you great places to visit that are paleontology hot spots; and has a nice collection of resources and links! Go there and be amazed. Great for school projects and research, too.


Pete's PowerPoint Station ("FREE Presentations in PowerPoint format & Free Interactive Activities for Kids") looks like a little homemade site for kids but it's HUGE inside! This site is set up with a model railroad theme. Pete's Presentations (Themes and Topics is the page title) lists 838 (yes, eight hundred thirty-eight) education topics, from ABC's to Zoo! Each Topic has links to that subject area, sometimes dozens of links. Not only PowerPoints (lots of them) but games and links to "good sites." Greta's Games has mostly academic games organized by subject. Often a dozen or more links per subject. Hannah's Homework Help Station has PowerPoints about doing research, and links to various research sites. You could spend a week looking in here! Anything you need for K-8, and some for higher schooling as well.


Teach the Children Well "is a collection of links to sites carefully selected by a teacher for students as well as their parents and teachers. The site was designed for elementary grades but many of the sites will also be of interest to older students. Elaine M. Doolittle, M.Ed." There are big lists of sites on all sorts of topics. A necessary site for your bookmarks. Interesting site layout, too.


Valley View Elementary's hotlist is quite good and full of "good sites". Go Li'l Vikings!



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