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Combined Sciences

Sites with both Earth & Life Science sections


"The Journal of Emerging Investigators is an open-access journal that publishes original research in the biological and physical sciences that is written by middle and high school students. JEI provides students, under the guidance of a teacher or advisor, the opportunity to submit and gain feedback from Harvard-trained scientists on their original research and to publish their findings in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Work submitted by students may come from classroom-based projects, science fair projects, etc." (slightly edited by us)


All Science Fair Projects Here's a site that has searched for and categorized all kinds of science fair project links, and offers it to you free! 10 different topic sections, subcategories, lots of projects under each heading. Look for ideas here!


Athropolis  Facts and stories about the Arctic in a very colorful format!  The Arctic Library has hundreds of facts about the Arctic. ICEBERG is a kid text adventure set on an iceberg with people living on it who don't get along. Plenty more on this site, too.


BBC Schools Science Ages 4-11.  Useful anywhere, even at home. Coordinated with British elementary curriculum.  We've been using Science Clips the most but it is all great.  There are literally dozens of activities covering elementary physics, health, life science, nutrition, food chains, biology, chemistry, and links to the very good BBC maths and literacy sites.


BrainCake Welcome to the Girls' Math & Science Partnership, a program of Carnegie Science Center. Based in Pittsburgh, "BrainCake is an online sisterhood for girls 11 – 17 and stakeholders focused on girls’ inclusion in the areas of math, science, technology, and engineering. features forums, programs, scholarships, virtual mentoring, girl blogs, podcasts, homework help, research and resources in a framework that integrates pop culture, science, and learning."


BrainPOP - Health, Science, Technology Educational Site Very well done subscription site with reading and animations, covering a good part of the K-8 curriculum, such as cell structure and function, microorganisms, plants, vertebrates, invertebrates, organ systems, and the Scientific Method. Uses Flash extensively.


Cool Cosmos Amazing site - Ask an Astronomer videos, games, infared animals and tours, just a ton of amazing graphics. Use the up and down arrow buttons on the left of the screen to select different areas. (Infared Zoo is our fave!)


Cool Zone for Kids from Utility Services of Alaska has a great site about water! The Story of Drinking Water, water FAQs, games, Water Cycle printables, how water is treated to make it potable, more.


Deep Sea Images has thousands of undersea photos. Coral, sharks, wrecks, turtles, crabs, squid, anything you can think of, they probably have a photo of it!


Dive and Discover This is student oceanography at its finest! Kids can check out a dozen ocean expedition with plenty to find out at each one. The Deeper Discovery section has facts on everything from deep ocean currents to ice ages to plate tectonics. To top it off they have a good section for teachers with suggested lessons and more! Brought to you by the world-famous Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.


Experiland "Welcome to our lab, fellow scientist! CAUTION: This website might be addictive! Fun Science projects for kids!Great care has been put into our science projects to provide the young student of today with the basic knowledge of the scientific principles of our world. Try not to have fun - We dare you!" LOTS of science experiments & projects, indexed by grade or by subject. Chemistry, earth science, weather, life science, electricity & magnetism, and physics!


Exploratorium "The museum of science, art and human perception." A real museum in San Francisco with a Great! Big! Cool! Site! Family friendly online activities and pages that cover most everything in the curriculum. Something for everybody. Teachers can find some good ideas here. Look around carefully and find hidden treasures like the Institute for Inquiry.


Extreme Science "Here you'll find world records in natural science, including earth science and the plant and animal kingdom. Not only will you find out who holds the records, but also key science concepts used to explain the story behind the record." Covers the Animal Kingdom, Earth Science, Space Science, and Technology. Dozens of areas are covered. Look past the hoopla, it's really a pretty good site!


From Sea to Shining Sea  Awesome oceanography site!  Explore 19 American underwater wonders from the Marianas Trench to the Puerto Rico Trench.  Some coastal, others are deep sea. Explore by theme or by region. Many links to other sites for even more information.


Fun 'n' games from the Natural History Museum.  Be a dinosaur, collect specimens, be a detective, build a volcano, be a head lice racer (Wait, what?)

I Was Introducing women's adventures in science! Bios and timeline of 25 women scientists who have made this a better world. Ten of them their own pages on this site! There are games and an Ask It section for your questions. Girls can too do science! Thanks, Terri.


JASON Project National Geographic's Jason Project - Education through Exploration.  "Have you ever imagined flying directly into a hurricane? Or submerging into the darkest depths of Earth's oceans? Have you ever wanted to join a real science mission, or create your own video for a global online science fair? Welcome to The JASON Project, your gateway to adventure."


Jefferson Lab science education This center for the study of subatomic particles has a very strong education outreach program!

There is a substantial Teacher Resources section:

  • 16 Hands-On Activities with descriptions
  • 16 Worksheets, Puzzles, and Games with descriptions
  • 24 On-line Games and Puzzles with descriptions
  • 48 videos covering everything from liquid nitrogen to monarch butterflies. This includes the "Touch 20,000 Volts" video
  • Seven Workbench Projects to try, including how series and parallel circuits work.
  • an Odds and Ends section with everything from Flat Stanley to pinwheel spinners to liquid nitrogen ice cream.

  • There is a Student Zone, with Homework Helpers ( the All About Atoms section is very good and easy to understand); even more Video Resources; and a section on internships
    There is a Games and Puzzles zone (Javascript required):
  • Science Games (mainly word games)
  • Math Games and logic games (includes SpeedMath - using the four basic operations to solve equations)
  • Element Games (flash cards, reading a periodic table, balancing chemical equations, word games)
  • Word Games - This is reading comprehension using science processes (Water Cycle, what animals eat, parts of plants, mitosis, microscopes, magnets, nutrition, soils, etc), many contributed by K-12 teachers.

    "The Journal of Emerging Investigators is an open-access journal that publishes original research in the biological and physical sciences that is written by middle and high school students. JEI provides students, under the guidance of a teacher or advisor, the opportunity to submit and gain feedback from Harvard-trained scientists on their original research and to publish their findings in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Work submitted by students may come from classroom-based projects, science fair projects, etc." (slightly edited by us)


    Journey Into Amazonia from PBS. Excellent site that covers the Amazon basin.  Includes everything elementary and middle school would want to know.  The Amazon Explorer game is great.


    Kids' Habitat from the San Diego Natural History Museum.  Covers canines, eyes and vision, minerals, dinosaurs, bioluminescence, sharks, and Ms. Frizzle! Worth exploring. Thanks, Ginne.


    "Kids' Science Challenge is a nationwide competition for 3rd to 6th graders to submit experiments and problems for REAL scientists and engineers to solve. Play science games, watch videos, and enter to win awesome prizes and trips! The site includes downloadable science projects, fun videos, educational games, and lesson plans for classroom or after-school use that are aligned to National Science Education Standards." We believe this is an excellent way to advance science education.


    flag of IndiaMake Me Genius "India's Most Visited Place for School Science Videos" (In English) Right now they have 55 excellent, easy to understand elementary-age videos covering human biology, animals, earth science, electricity, rainbows, volcanos, weather, plants, health, teeth, states of matter, and more! Also free PowerPoints and Cool Facts trivia on many of these topics. Other parts of this site are available for a small subscription. It's a work in progress so more videos, etc will be added in the future. This is a student-made site, mostly. Thanks to the students at MMG for the email about their site!


    Middle School Science is a good site with lesson plans and links to other science sites for middle schoolers. Covers chemistry, physics, earth science, and life science. Has a Lesson of the Week section and more.


    NOAA's National Marine Sanctuaries Educational Activities is a collection of wonderful fun things for kids and classes to do. The virtual dive into the kelp forest treats it like a rain forest!  Tour a real shipwreck, learn about sea otters and harbor seals, check out elephant seals, learn a LOT of cool facts about coral and reefs, it's all here. Fun, real oceanography!


    Natural History Museum Located in London, UK, the Natural History Museum has a fine web site for teachers and kids. If you cannot go there in person, the site is the next best thing.


    Nature Online is a section of the Natural History Museum site.  Covering everything from Jamaican plants to biodiversity to global warming to evolution to Antarctica to space... it gore on and on. Certainly worth your time to explore.


    Optical Illusions  from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.  Very good introduction to optical illusions for kids.  Close to 50 of them with links to more! Part of a larger kid site.


    Science News for Kids is for ages 10 and up because of its writing. Very interesting and NOT dumbed-down sections on: Atoms and Forces, Earth and Sky, Humans and Health, Life, Tech and Math, and Extra. Factual articles cover subjects in depth (examples: electronic Skin, Cars of the Future, Caecilians - the other amphibian, Anesthesia MRIs, the Little Ice Age, Seabird Math, No Frostbite for Dogs, Life Beyond Earth. Plenty of graphics to grab interest.


    SEA This is the "sea" portion of Sea and Sky's site. This is a wonderful resource and study site - (with the exception of "Sea News" which we do not think is appropriate for your students.) However, the rest of this site is worth an extended stay by teachers and students. The Ocean Realm is the best single section, but Ocean Exploration, Links (big list), the photo gallery, and the games are all good. Someone did a lot of work to gather and organize all this information.


    Sheppard's Science Resources Science resources by subject, web quests, science links, calculator and converter, more.


    Surfing Scientist Classroom or homeschool science ideas. From the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).


    Waterford Games & Activities "Download hundreds of free games, activities, and quizzes from our website! Subject areas include animals, plants, weather, astronomy, geology, and miscellany... Simply copy materials to your desktop and print out as needed. It's that easy!"

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