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This is our ever changing list of recently added sites, plus an occasional oldie. 
Generally, sites get added on the top and eventually get taken off the bottom.

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 Page last updated on 14 June 2018



The Age of Reptiles in 3 Acts 10:30 video covers the entire Mesozoic!
Begins in the Permian, covers Triassic, Jurassic, & Cretaceous. Very detailed
descriptions and explanations. "Reptiles emerged from the Paleozoic as humble
creatures, but in time, they grew to become some of the largest forms of life
ever to stomp, swim, and soar across the planet. This Age of Reptiles was a
spectacular prehistoric epic, and it all took place in a single era: the Mesozoic.
From Eons (BIG collection of videos) and PBS.


Going in Dinos and Paleo

World’s Largest Sea Turtle a short video of a huge sea turtle feeding on the bottom.
"Scuba Divers in Maui, Hawaii made an incredible discovery on the ocean floor when they
came across what they are claiming is the biggest Sea Turtle ever captured on video or
pictures. The leatherback is the largest species of sea turtle."

Going in Animal Cams



Here are two sites that tell you the location of the ISS (International Space Station),
since the site we originally posted has gone to sleep.

Where is the ISS? This the ESA (European Space Agency) site. It does the job. Elegant small site.


ISS Tracker Small site that still is able to display Latitude and Longitude to 3 digits; it also shows
speed and altitude. Toggle button lets you choose "English" or metric measures.



A message from Benjamin Franklin:

Sumer Is Icumen In Here is an example of the evolution of the language. On the left, the original song from the mid-13th century (about 1250, give or take). On the right, modern English. "The title translates approximately to "Summer Has Come In" or "Summer Has Arrived". The song is composed in the Wessex dialect of Middle English." (Wikipedia) Also, þ = th sound: "Groweth seed and bloweth meadow." This is sung in the round.


Sumer is icumin inCuckooSummer is


Bullock starteth, buck (rhymes with starteth); known as a "buck snort" in the southeast USA. It has to do with impressing the does.


Moving sculptures on the beaches of The Netherlands Amazing! Must see to Believe!
Kinetic sculptures made of "electrical tubes" and zip ties that walk along the beach!
Going in Art and Technology


Second Chances: Tilly the River Otter NatGeo video (4:00) about a rescued
orphan otter baby. Tilly has to be taught to swim. Put with a rescued boy otter,
Tilly soon has her own babies. Watch as she raises them to be competent adults.
Great cinematography. NatGeo has oodles of these videos.
Going in Animal Cams


Can you Spot The Animals Hidden in These Photos? NatGeo article.
"From leafy seadragons hidden among coral to vipers submerged in sand,
see all the ways animals conceal themselves in nature." 43 photos showing
disguised and camouflaged animals. Some hide to keep from being eaten,
some hide to hunt. Going in Animals


Helmets of Ancient Greece from Mycenaean times (upper left) to late Hellenistic times (lower right)

Going in Art and Ancient History



This Sediment Layer Earth Cake is educational & yummy!

One for each sediment layer.
Organic Layer: Chocolate Cake
Top Soil Layer: Carrot Cake
Subsoil Layer: Walnut Cake
Parent Material Layer: Oreo Cookie Cake
Bedrock Layer: Vanilla Cake
Going in Earth Science



Sumeria Mesopotamia
Sumerian Cloisonné Ring, Iraq, ca. 3000 BCE. (Louvre, Paris)
Cloisonné is an ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects,
in recent centuries using porcelain enamel, and in older periods also
inlays of cut gemstones, glass and other materials.

Going in Ancient History



New addition to History - Battle of the Coral Sea. Lurid, overly dramatic? Maybe, but this is what
the scene looked like, according to people who were there 76 years ago.


Cassowary. One of the deadliest birds alive. Do Not Feed.

Going in Animals


Unit Converter Express Version Lets you convert almost any unit of measure
into another unit of measure. Everything from currency (BIG list-includes Bitcoins),
common units (length, weight, mass, data, distance, speed, angle, force, time),
engineering (volume, torque, inertia, acceleration,velocity, density), Heat Converters,
Light, Electricity, Magnetism, and Radiology Converters! Even lumber! If you need to
convert a unit of measure, it's in here. Going in Secondary Math and Technology


Why We Desperately Need To Bring Back Vocational Training In Schools
Thanks, Forbes! We at GSFK have been saying this for years. Article by Nicholas Wyman.
Bring back shop classes! Before the 1950s, everybody took shop classes in high school.
Now high schools are college-prep. There is nothing for those who learn in other ways.
Take the time to read this two-page article, it's worth it.
"Just a few decades ago, our public education system provided ample opportunities for
young people to learn about careers in manufacturing and other vocational trades.
Yet, today, high-schoolers hear barely a whisper about the many doors that the vocational
education path can open. The “college-for-everyone” mentality has pushed awareness of
other possible career paths to the margins. The cost to the individuals and the economy
as a whole is high. If we want everyone’s kid to succeed, we need to bring vocational
education back to the core of high school learning.
Going in Life Skills, Teachers & Parents, and Technology



Game of $urvival - Have you got the dollars and sense
to make it through a whole month with cash to spare?

Going in Life Skills



A kingfisher ignoring the No Fishing sign. Originally from the Netherlands,
posted to Facebook by Daily Picks and Flicks.

Going in Animal Cams



Animals Size Comparison From a water bear (or tardigrade) to a Blue Whale
this 2 minute Youtube video demonstrates size differences. Great art and music.
Going in Animals



Going in Geography and Homeschool.

Older kids could try this using names
of states, provinces, counties,
rivers, lakes, oceans, you name it!



had had had had Going in Grammar

"All the faith he had had" means "All the faith he used to have".
"had had no effect..." means "has had no effect (so far, but maybe
it will have an effect in the future - or maybe not)". Yes, there are
other ways to express this idea, but they are not as much fun, and
they don't open up a teaching moment, as this sentence does.


Blue-Footed Booby
"If you have never heard of the blue-footed booby.. here it is. You're welcome..."
Going in Animals

Blue-Footed Booby mating dance

Going in Animal Cams



Why isn't the world covered in poop? A TED-Ed video and activity. "Each day, the
animal kingdom produces roughly enough poop to match the volume of water pouring
over Victoria Falls*. So why isn’t the planet covered in the stuff?"
Going in Biomes & Ecology and Living Things

The answer is... Dung Beetles! Taaaa-daaah! The video covers the three types of dung
beetles, their lifestyles, how they "handle" poop, and thus benefit the whole world.
* How's THAT for a mental image?


Anzud, Sumerian god of storms
This stunning little pendant is made of real gold.
The blue parts are made of lapis lazuli from the
only mine they knew of in those days; way up in the mountains
of north Afghanistan on the border with China. The Indus Valley
people had a mine and a trading post up there. They loaded up backpacks
with lapis lazuli and walked back south across Afghanistan*, either back to
their cities in the Indus Valley (the Punjab), or to a seaport they had on
the Indian Ocean. Trading ships from Ur and its sister cities could trade for
things there and at other seaports, and then sail back to their own land.
* Then people started using donkeys to haul trade goods,
instead of packing things out on their own backs.

Anzud.jpg Going in Art and Ancient History.

Sumeria Mesopotamia presents:·
"Anzud, the lion-headed eagle, the god of storms.
This pendant of gold and lapis lazuli is part of “The Treasure of Ur”,
although the name is misleading. Ur is a Sumerian city, but
the Treasure of Ur was found in Mari, which is an Akkadian city.
The pendant was found in a buried sealed clay jar. The jar contained
more than 100 items, including jewelry, cylinder seals, and statuettes."

excerpt credit = Sumeria Mesopotamia on Facebook


Both infographics are going in Dinos & Paleo


This small version of a pic that's for our Dinos page!

Going in Dinos & Paleo
Newly discovered dinosaur (purple) size and weight comparisons.


Baby Hippo and baby Rhino are best friends! "When Charlie the baby hippo lost his mom,
he was rescued by a rhino orphanage and became best friends with a little rhino.
There was only one problem — Charlie grew up thinking he was a rhino too! Today on Odd Couples,
watch how Charlie eventually learned to act like a hippo, even though he'll always come back for
snuggles with his favorite rhino!" From Odd Couples on Facebook.

Hippo and rhino babies Going in Animal Cams


credit = Cats in Space Quoting Philosophers (FB page)


New Tardigrade Species Found in Parking Lot in Japan This video link is from Facebook's
Science and Nature Page. This video is from Live Science, in case you can't get to Facebook
or something. Both these videos are about a newly discovered tardigrade that was living
in moss that was growing in a parking lot in Japan! Nothing new about water bears living in
moss, but in a parking lot? And the eggs look like Alien eggs!

tardigrade eggs Going in Animals



Trilobites, like the ones fossilized here, emerged more than 500 million years
ago in what’s called “the Cambrian explosion,” a period when large numbers
of novel species with skeletons, eyes and limbs evolved with remarkable
suddenness. Trilobites are so called because of the three parts, or lobes, of
their bodies. From Morocco. Credit : Andrew A. Sicree #GeologyHere #Fossil
From Geology of the World and the Environment, on Facebook.
Going in Dinos & Paleo & in Trilobite World



6 Inventions You Wouldn’t Have Without Women
Wi-Fi, coffee filters, Monopoly games, windshield wipers,
computer languages, programming/coding. All invented by
women. NatGeo tells the history of them all.
Going in Women's History


The Gothenberg is a replica of a Swedish East Indiaman.
East Indiamen were long range, high-capacity merchantmen
(trading ships). The original Götheborg was lost in 1745.
This replica has two Volvo diesel engines and propellers.
In the 1600s into the 1800s, all the seafaring nations of Europe
used ships like this to trade with India and the Far East.
Götheborg is a sailing replica of an 18th-century Swedish East Indiaman
and one of the world's largest operational wooden sailing vessels.
Ten tons of hemp ropes were used for rigging the vessel, together
with some 1,000 wooden blocks and 1,964 m2 (21,140 sq ft) linen sail.
All this was produced using 18th century techniques.
This is not a model, it is the same size as the original.
"One small change was that the headroom of the deck was increased
by 10 cm, since today's seamen are taller than their ancestors."
#history of trade
Gothenberg ship
Going in History.


Night Witches - Nachthexen

SABATON's song 'Night Witches' is about these Soviet female bomber pilots of WWII
and the slow old crates they had to fly. They bled for those medals they're wearing.
Click on this photo to see their story!
night witches.jpg

"Night witches" was the name given by the Nazis to women aviators like these, of
the 46th "Taman Guards" Night Bomber Aviation Regiment of the Red Army. They flew in
wood-and-canvas Polikarpov U-2 biplanes used for crop dusting in peacetime.
Seen here in preparation for the Soviet Union's Victory Parade in June 1945.
From left to right: Rufina Gasheva, Irina Sebrova, Natalia Meklin, Marina Chechneva,
Nadezhda Popova, Seraphima Amosova, Evdokia Nikulina, Evdokia Bershanskaya,
Maria Smirnova, Evgeniya Zhigulenko. Wearing their best dress uniforms.
Credits: WW2 Colourised Photos, (Color by Klimbim)
Going in Women's History


Twelve Famous Female Chemists "March 8 is International Women's Day.
This graphic takes a look at a selection of women who have been pioneers
in the history of chemistry!" This link leads to a much larger version
of the graphic shown here (1984 X 1203 pixels).


Going in Living Things
Darwin poster


Mutant Crayfish Clones Itself, and It’s Taking Over Europe
"Crayfish, also known as crawfish, crawdads, freshwater lobsters, mountain lobsters, mudbugs
or yabbies, are freshwater crustaceans resembling small lobsters, to which they are related;
taxonomically, they are members of the superfamilies Astacoidea and Parastacoidea.
They breathe through feather-like gills." - Wikipedia.
A big crayfish from a little creek on the Florida-Georgia line has gone big time:
"The marbled crayfish is a mutant species that clones itself, scientists report. The population is
exploding in Europe, but the species appears to have originated only about 25 years ago.
The mutation made it possible for the creature to clone itself, and now it has spread across
much of Europe and gained a toehold on other continents. In Madagascar, where it arrived about
2007, it now numbers in the millions and threatens native crayfish." They make eggs without a daddy,
each one is a copy of every other one. (There are some fish and a few lizards that also do this.)
Someone dumped a few of them in a pond in Europe. Now they are taking over.
They eat smaller, native crawfish. They also outbreed them. They are a giant among crawfish
and tougher than other species. But are they good to eat? Going in Animals



swimming with whale sharks
Going in Animals


Some of the most amazing and unusual jellyfish
A 3:23 video on the Facebook Science Nature page.
Colorful and fascinating. Wish he had a size comparison graphic,
but the scientific names are listed, along with where the jellies
are and at what depth. Going in Animal Cams
exotic jellyfish



Common Dental Procedures A 3:20 video on the Facebook Science Nature page.
Commen dental prcedures such as braces, replacing teeth, fillings, and more, using the
newest dental techniques, are shown. Much less scary than even 20 years ago!
Going in Dental



Going in Astronomy


dogs looking out the window

Younger or older, students always like to see new "sites"!

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