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This is our always changing list of recently added sites, plus the occasional oldie. 
Generally, sites get added on the top and eventually get taken off the bottom.







Parentheses, Braces, and Brackets in Math
How These Symbols Help Determine the Order of Operations
from ThoughtCo.
"Three important—and related—symbols you'll see often
in math are parentheses (), brackets [], and braces {}, which
you'll encounter frequently in prealgebra and algebra. That's why
it's so important to understand the specific uses of these
symbols in higher math."
This article gives examples of how to use these symbols.
Easy to understand. ThoughtCo. has many more.

Going in Intermediate Math



Hi, kids! I'm Dakota! I am one of the Brittanies here at
Good Sites for Kids! I'm a retired hunter and a mama.
My fur-sister Lily and I are American Brittanies, both
rescues, and both South Dakota natives. When we're not
helping out on the site, we patrol the property,
chase rabbits and squirrels, say hi to the kids at the school
playground and the dogs next door, rack out on our beds, ask
for treats, and hang out with our humans!
American Brittany Rescue (Lily) National Brittany Rescue (Kodie)


dogs looking out the window

Younger or older, students always like to see new "sites"!

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