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Happy Ostara - The Spring Equinox
Merry Mabon - The Fall Equinox
Twice a year - Spring and Fall Equinoxes
Day and night are of equal length - 12 hours each

Happy Ostara - The Spring EquinoxMerry Mabon - The Fall Equinox

North of Equator - First Day of spring South of Equator - First day of fall



Earth's Seasons from Enchanted Learning. Find out about the Equinox, the Solstice, and the seasons of the year at this fine offering.


equinox graphic


Every place on earth experiences a 12 hour day and a 12 hour night twice a year on the Spring and Fall Equinox.

Learn about Summer and Winter Solstices, and more about the Spring and Fall Equinoxes, below!

Earth's seasons, equinoxes & solstices


 Equinox: Sun rises due east and sets due west from EarthSky Also it's one of only two days a year when day and night are 12 hours each. Another good, fact-filled equinox page with good graphics. You just can't get enough knowledge!



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This is our ever changing list of recently added sites, plus an occasional oldie. 
Generally, sites get added on the top and eventually get taken off the bottom.

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 Page last updated on 20 March 2018



Semicolon, colon, and dashes: Are you using them correctly? From Passnownow, a Nigerian "good site".
Good explanations and examples. Plenty more grammatical advice elsewhere on this site!


A Brief History of Pi (16:45 Youtube video) by
Simon Clark, Esquire that covers Pi through the
ages. Really impressive the way various ancients used
geometry to kludge Pi out to dozens, then hundreds
of decimal places. Entertaining and truthful. One of
many academic videos by Simon Clark.
Going in Secondary Mathematics


Going in Early Learning, Homeschool, & Teachers and Parents



Run-on sentences can be dangerous! Use full stops/periods
where necessary! Punctuation saves lives!

Going in Grammar and Writing


Going in Animals

How a Supervolcano Made the Cenozoic’s Coolest Fossils
from PBS Eons
"One of the most dynamic, transformative, and potentially dangerous features in North America
is also responsible for some of the continent’s most amazing fossil deposits. It’s a supervolcano
we now call Yellowstone." 9:38 video explains the migrating Yellowstone Hot Spot and the trail
it has blazed across the northwest USA; now called the Snake River Valley. Did the continent
move, or the hot spot? Discover the Ashfall Fossil Beds Monument in Nebraska. What killed
all those animals? Kind of similar to Pompeii.
Going in Dinos & Paleo and in Volcanos

Iditarod: The Last Great Race by Deb Micolichek
This is a thematic unit for 3rd Grade/Grade 3. It would doubtless work with Grade 4 as well.
There are 13 unit blocks in a 3X4 grid with one left over. Block #1 is a review of prior knowledge.
Some blocks link to videos, some blocks link to sites, one is a photo of Balto, one is a map,
Block 9 is the official site, Block 10 is the Scholastic site, and the last site is a bibliography.
This site is from 2014 so two URLs had to be updated (the link to the Malamute video and the
link to the Anchorage Daily News). Other than that this old site works fine.
Going in Iditarod


Going in Early Learning, Homeschool, & Teachers and Parents


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Telling Time Sites - Learn how to tell time


This graphic links to out Telling Time page. It really helps kids learn time!


Going in Black History/Civil Rights



Going in Grammar and Writing


African Cichlid Fry Growing in Time Lapse Video
3:23 Youtube video follows babies from egg to fully-formed
little fish! Fun to watch.
Similar video here.
Going in Animal Cams


Tape off sections on a canvas and let your baby be the artist!

From Robin Egg View. Comes with parts list and lots of instructions
with photos to help guide you. Just go ahead and do it.
Adult version with link list here.
Going in Early Learning.


Like other lizards and snakes, monitor lizards smell with their tongues.
Komodo Dragons are the largest living monitor lizards. Are monitor lizards
the ancestors of the mosasaurs? Research suggests mosasaurs
came from monitor lizards. Snakes may well have evolved from primitive
mosasaurs. "Monitor lizards, snakes, and mosasaurs all appear to be closely
related." -
All lizards, snakes, and "worm lizards" are squamates (click the link to
learn more about squamates). Tuataras, crocodiles/archosaurs, and turtles
are not squamates, but they are reptiles just the same.

"I'm large and in charge. My big ol' tongue is humongous!"
Going in Animals and in Dinosaurs and Paleontology.



Hippopotamus - underwater walker from San Diego Zoo Kids

Newborn hippo!

Click these photos to see another kid-friendly hippo article!

Click this photo below to learn about hippo dangers!

Going in Animals



Click this photo to read NMSU's tribute to this brave, good woman.
Going in Black History/ Civil Rights and Women's History



Going in Ancient History and in Dinosaurs & Paleontology


Going in Black History/ Civil Rights and Women's History



Area Formulas for different shapes.
Going in Intermediate Math




A stamp from the Faroe Islands, featuring Gram and Grani.
Gram is Sigurd’s magic sword which is infinitely sharp.
Grani is Sigurd’s magic tireless horse, a gift of Odin,
son of Odin’s horse Slepnir Eight Legs. Cool.
FØROYAR means Faroe Islands, where they speak Faroese,
which is a brother language of Norwegian, Icelandic, Danish,
and Swedish; descended like them from Old Norse.

Going in Geography





Going in Ancient History



ZPupp Gets Her HPV Vaccine, LIVE! |
Dr. Zubin Damania, MD, hospitalist, in Las Vegas, films his 11-year-old as
she gets her HPV vaccination (and DTaP, and meningitis). Very good video.
The HPV virus causes a vicious kind of cancer, anywhere on the body.
11 is a good age to get this vaccine. Going in Health


Absolutely fabulous photo of a Great Snowy Owl.
A work of art by Li Ying Lou. Found on IFLS.
Going in Animals


Going in Health


The Mummy Song (Awful Egyptians) 1:40 video demonstrates (more or less) how mummies
were made. From Horrible Histories, a BBC trove of funny history videos.

Going in Ancient History


The Mummy Maker game from the University of Chicago. Not the same as the old BBC Mummy Maker but
similar. Easier, and a good way to prep for the BBC game. PS Mummies are dead. If they weren't dead when
the mummy makers started, they for sure were dead when the job was done!

Going in Ancient History


Going in Health


Astounding 10 Minute 3D Animation Features The Center Of Rome In All Its Glory In 320 AD
Touted as the most detailed 3D rendering of the ancient metropolis, Danila Loginov has presented his third and final
promo of the ‘eternal city’ of Rome at its architectural peak, circa 320 AD (watch the first and second animated promo).
This time around, running over 10 minutes of awesomeness, the animation video (part of the Rome in 3D project)
features a range of ancient landmarks such as the temple of Divine Augustus, Basilica Argentaria, the baths of Trajan and
Titus to the Colosseum (along with the statue of Colossus Solis), arches of Titus and Constantine, and Ludus Magnus.

Going in Ancient History and Art


That little white pixel on the lower left? That's a meteor hitting
the moon in the middle of that lunar eclipse on 1/21/2019!
Going in Astronomy


Float Like a Dragontail Butterfly..
The green dragon tail butterfly (Lamproptera meges) is one of the smallest species of
swallowtail butterfly and one of the very few species with wing transparency.
This footage is by Kazuo Unno, insect aficionado extraordinaire and wildlife photographer.
Green Drangontails are found in South Asia and Southeast Asia, south China, Indonesia,
Malaysia, and the Philippines. Going in Animal Cams



Going in ESL and Grammar


Full circle rainbow Not just the arc! 30 second video shows the compelte circle
plus an amazing view!
credits:Régia Seabra via Geology Love FB page. Going in Weather



pilgrimage center for both Egyptians and the Nubians. The later Egyptians,
Greeks (Ptolemaic dynasty) and even Romans furnished their fair share of
architectural features – which became the magnificent ancient Egyptian
island temple complex of Philae.
Read the article, if you can stand the ads! At the end there's a 13 minute
video, a guided tour of Philae, "courtesy of traveler Igor Tochilnikov."
Going in Ancient History and Art


Nancy Grace Roman, 'Mother Of Hubble' Space Telescope, Has Died, At Age 93

This is an NPR article and obituary. "Roman was one of the first female executives at NASA,
where she served as the agency's first chief of astronomy. Known as the "Mother of Hubble,"
for her role in making the Hubble Space Telescope a reality, Roman worked at NASA for nearly
two decades." She convinced NASA that a telescope out in space would be a great advance.
"In the Lego set, her figurine stands next to a miniature Hubble Space Telescope — the instrument
that brought the world dazzling images of the stars she had loved so well as a child."
credit = "NPR's Amanda Morris produced this story"
Going in Astronomy and in Women's History

How a long-forgotten virus could help us solve the antibiotics crisis by Alexander Belcredi
Viruses have a bad reputation -- but some of them could one day save your life, says
biotech entrepreneur Alexander Belcredi. In this fascinating talk, he introduces us to phages,
naturally-occurring viruses that hunt and kill harmful bacteria with deadly precision, and shows
how these once-forgotten organisms could provide new hope against the growing threat of
antibiotic-resistant superbugs. from TED-ED
Going in Health


From Kurzgesagt Going in Health, too


dogs looking out the window

Younger or older, students always like to see new "sites"!

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